-Consulting and Managing

-Gas Services Including Punch T’s & Line Coupling

-Main-Line Trenching & Conduit

-Service Laterals

-Concrete-Encased Duct Structures

-Joint-Use Utility Installation

-Supply & Installation of Precast Manholes and Switch Gear Bases

-Supply and Installation of Cast-in-Place Manholes

-Primary & Secondary Cable Fault Repairs.

-New Residential & Commercial Service Installations

-Residential Meter Installation & Connections

-Greenfield Electrical Distribution through the “Offer to Connect” (OTC) Process

-Fiber Optic Network Installation

-Cable TV & Other Telecommunication Infrastructure

-Gas Pipeline Construction for Distribution

-Utility Rebuild Projects

-High-Mast Roadway Lighting

-Permanent and Temporary Traffic Signal Installations & Systems

-Conventional Roadway & Parking lot Lighting

-Traffic Signal Maintenance

-Locating Services

-Temporary Power Installations

-Audible Pedestrian Signals

-Non-Intrusive Detection

-LED Module Retrofits

-Complete Installation Including Site Preparation, Underground, Trenching, Excavating, Power Supply & Pole Base Installation

-LED Lighting Retrofits

-Hydro Excavation

-Loop Detectors

-Civil Works & Site Preparation

-Directional Drilling

-Hydro Excavation

-Traditional Open-Trench Installations

-New Manhole Installations, and Rebuilds

-Placing Cables

-Repair of Existing Structure Blockages

-Infrastructure Utility Relocations and Rebuilds

-Network Expansion Projects

-Fiber-to-the-home Builds

-Additional End-User Builds

-Single & Multimode Fusion Splicing

-Single & Multimode Mechanical Connectors

-OTDR Testing, Troubleshooting, and Documentation

-Optical Power Meter Testing

-Large Outside Plant (OSP) Rebuilds

-Small Private Network Backbones

-Headend Builds and Renovations

-Outside Plant and Private Network Restorations

-FTTH Network Builds

-DWDM Testing & Commissioning

-Loose Tube-to-Ribbon & Ribbon-to-Loose Tube Splicing

-Premise Splicing

-Live Plant Cut-Overs

-Live Plant Section Swings

-Network Audits and Verification

-Fiber Blowing

-OSP Duct Installation


We invite you to browse our latest projects. They stand as a testament to our accomplishments, and represent our ability to accommodate exponential growth in every aspect of our business.

In Partnership with Westlake Pipes

Friday Harbour

The Friday Harbour All Seasons Resort is one of our proudest completed projects. It involved over 6,000 feet of gas piping, 500 LED street lights, and miles of fiber optic cable. All of these conduits were laid and run in concert with one another in order to achieve the practical efficiency for which Conelco is known. Completed in unison by Conelco, Fellmore, Fibercon, and sister company Aluminous this gigantic project represents the true scale of what the Conelco Group can achieve.


When the city of Markham wanted to be more environmentally friendly, they called the Conelco Group. Over the course of 6 months we built and installed 13,000 new high-efficiency LED street lights. The project was completed using methods that had the least amount of impact on the community, and on traffic. Not only did we build this lighting network, but we’ve been commissioned to maintain it as well. From start to finish, the Conelco Group is with you, every step of the way.

New Seaton

New Seaton has come about as a direct result of all the various arms of the Conelco Group working together as one. Fellmore, Conelco, and Fibercon all had a major role to play in this bold new development that stretches from Taunton all the way down to Rossland. With over 10,000 homes, 25,000 residences, and miles of infrastructure trenches dug, New Seaton is a mixed-use marvel that showcases the very best of the Conelco Group’s abilities.

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